Fusion Fitness General Manager and Personal Trainer: Chris Thompson

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          If you are serious about your Fitness Goal, treat your workouts like you would treat a doctor's appointment. Book your workout in your phone's calendar, and commit to at least 3 workouts each week. Consistency is one of the most important aspects to reaching goals, and you can't expect to see results without showing up. Hold yourself accountable!


          Working out with friends, family, or participating in Group Fitness has been proven to increase accountability. Having a workout buddy helps you to stay motivated, and you can make sure you both show up to your workouts. Working out with someone one on one, or in our Group Fitness is great if you are competitive too. Challenge each other to get the most out of your workout! Take advantage of our Referral Programs, refer a friend to the club and we will gift them a Free Trial Membership, simply call (707) 542-4500 to put their name on your VIP Guestlist, or see the Front Desk.


          For many people, the most difficult and intimidating part of working out is simply figuring out 'what' to do. A lot of people believe that doing cardio as their only workout will get them to their goals, and though cardio is great for reducing body fat and increasing endurance, it will not help you hit all of your goals. Resistance training is important for gaining lean muscle tissue, and strengthening bone density. The combination of cardio and resistance training will improve your quality of life, such as posture, core strength, and energy! 

          Take advantage of our Free Group Fitness classes to incorporate more resistance training into your workouts. See the Front Desk for class recommendations based on your goals, or call us at (707) 542-4500.

          We also have amazing Personal Trainers who will create a workout plan that is personalized to your specific goals and needs. As you work with them, they will be able to evaluate how your body moves and responds to different workouts, and will ensure that your form is correct so that you are working out the proper muscle groups. For more details about our Personal Training Promotions, see the Front Desk or call (707) 542-4500.


          There is no quick fix or trick to hit your goals. Be patient with yourself and your results. If you are making healthy food choices, drinking water, and staying consistent with your workouts you will start to look and feel better. Fad diets might help you to lose a lot of weight quickly, but in an unhealthy way, and the quicker you lose the weight the quicker you will gain it back.

          Slow and steady progress is great progress, and making realistic goals will keep you motivated. Also, keep in mind the value of your increased energy, flexibility, and decreased stress that will accompany your new workout routine!