Fusion Fitness General Manager and Personal Trainer: Chris Thompson

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Chris Thompson
General Manager and Personal Trainer
NASM-Certified Personal
NAMS-Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist
ISSA-Nutritionist Certification
TRX-Group instruction Certified

(707) 755-5601
Ticia Phillips
Operations Manager
Garrett Thomas
Membership Representative

(707) 755-5603
Manny Leon
Front Desk/Membership Representative
Kendra Mancini
NHCA Personal Trainer
Les Mills- Body Pump, Body Step, Body Combat, RPM, CXworx
SMR- Self Myofascial Release

Michael Rolfe
Michael Rolfe: Sh'Bam Instructor

Michael is a certified Les Mils Sh’Bam Instructor. He has been teaching women and men of all ages how to dance, feel great, and confident for over 5 years now.

After personally losing 55 pounds, he became dedicated to sharing that feeling of achievement with every member that steps into his class. What makes Sh’bam so different is the impact it has on the not only your body, but also your soul.
Phil Lopez
Phillip Lopez: Cycle Instructor

Phil is a long time cyclist, weightlifter, and yoga practitioner. With a calm demeanor and balanced mindset he brings years of practice and teaching to each class.

“Health and fitness is a lifelong journey that we accomplish one day, one workout, one ride at a time.

My goal is to help you learn your strengths and weaknesses, to be proud of your accomplishments, always push the limits of ability and to continually strive to improve.”
Dr. Tari Webber
Dr. Tari Webber: Personal Trainer and Instructor

An internationally certified personal Trainer and licensed psychologist with a specialization in Somatics, (the study of the body.) Dr. Webber earned her bachelors and Masters of Arts at Sonoma State University in Psychology. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Meridian University with a specialty in Eating Disorders, body image disorders and addictions.
Kim Henry
Kim: BodyStep Instructor
Luisa Rendon
Luisa: Zumba Instructor
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