Fusion Fitness General Manager and Personal Trainer: Chris Thompson

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45+ Free Group Fitness & Cycle Classes Weekly  |  Personal Training  |  Childcare  |  Tanning

Steam Rooms  |  Saunas  |  2 Levels of Weight Training Equipment  |  Cardio  |  Les Mills Classes


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How to Prepare for Your Group Fitness Workout


If it is your first time taking this class, please make sure to arrive at least 5 minutes early to meet the instructor, get set up properly, and inform the instructor if you have any injuries or need any modifications.


Please bring water and a towel, and wear exercise clothing and shoes. Cycle bikes have options for clips or normal sneakers.

Always sign in on the "Sign In" sheet for every class you take, this is required so that we can verify the popularity of the class, and for instructors to learn names.


Require a Ticket Per Person

ALL CYCLE tickets are handed out 30 minutes before class. You must have a ticket before entering the Cycle Studio.

SH'BAM tickets are handed out 30 minutes before class at the Front Desk.

ZUMBA tickets are handed out 45 minutes before class at the Front Desk.

Do I have to stay for the entire class?

Instructors understand that you could be at the beginning stages of your fitness routine, and we encourage everyone to try our Group Fitness Program. Inform the instructor that you are a beginner and staying for only the first half of the class if needed.


Instructors can turn away late arrivals.

Group Fitness Etiquette

As a courtesy to all members, please do not talk during class choreo, and no cell phone use (this includes having sound or light notifications on). Always wipe down equipment used. Please put away all equipment after class neatly. Stereo is for instructor use ONLY.

Comments and Suggestions

We appreciate any and all comments and feedback, we have a suggestion box at the front desk, or feel free to contact us online or by phone.